1. Low price

Extremely inexpensive

The roller conveyor is an investment product with a great effect on your logistics costs. Besides the initial investment, the “total cost of ownership” is of importance. Again, the Flowrack product scores with its low price on all of the following points:

  1. Low investment for flow rack.
  2. Long and trouble free lifespan (decades).
  3. No maintenance costs during whole lifespan.
  4. No running costs during whole lifespan.

Low price due to logic

Cleverly designed products, efficient production, flawless delivery and a horizontal organization. Then all you need for a healthy business is a low margin. This is your guarantee for a low price for flow racks and roller conveyors.

Long lifespan

Besides low pricing, Flowrack flow rack is also highly adaptable and flexible to accommodate (future) changes in your assortment. So the functional lifespan is just as long as the technical lifespan.