1. There are no prices in this web shop, what do the products cost?

You cannot order directly in this shop. See where to buy. A large part of our product range can be bought online. For prices, see the specific web shops.

2. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time of Flowrack flow racks depends on the quantity and specifications. Flowrack flow racks always have the shortest delivery time in the market. All online Flowrack web shops have a guaranteed short delivery time (per country). For the exact delivery time, see the specific web shops. For all quotations (through resellers) the delivery time is clearly indicated. A faster delivery is always negotiable! After all, we ensure the shortest delivery time in the market!

3. I already have flow racks. Are these made by Flowrack?

This can be important for expansion and repairs. We would like to help you with this. Please contact us and include a photograph of your existing flow rack. We can then quickly assess the product and/or vendor.

4. I am displeased with my current flow racks, is there something better?

There are several variables that have influence on the functionality of the flow racks. We have a lot of knowledge in this area. We are more than willing to analyse your situation. Contact us, inform us about your problem and send us a photograph. We can then determine the cause of your dissatisfaction and suggest solutions.

5. What is the lifespan of Flowrack live storage racks?

The technical lifespan is virtually unlimited. We do not know of flow racks that have been put out of use due to technical aging. In most cases, operational changes (in logistics or business processes) determines the life span. That is why Flowrack flow racks are adjustable and expandable (future proof).

6. How long are spare parts deliverable after project completion?

We can supply spare parts and extensions for all projects ever delivered.