Continuous savings

Quick return on investment

The short payback period of the flow rack is mainly based on a drastic reduction of the total order picking time.

Put the personnel cost savings up against the investment costs and determine the return on investment.
Depending on your situation, the flow rack can often be earned back within 2 years.

And the savings continue

After the quick payback time of the flow rack, the savings continue.
Without maintenance costs and without any operational costs.

The “Original Flowrack” flow rack has a long technical life-span.
So you will continue saving on logistics costs for decades.

The Flowrack flow rack does not require maintenance nor operational costs.

Make the right choice now

A flow rack has the potential to function without extra costs and without trouble for decades.
So you can continuously save on your logistic costs, free of charge.

In order to make this happen you need to make the right choice now.
Do not just consider the price; make sure you look at the quality as well.

With “Original Flowrack” live storage, you are continuously saving costs.