Quotation for flow rack or roller conveyor

We are happy to make you a quotation for a flow rack or roller conveyor.

Please contact us and let us know your requests.
We can ensure a quick quotation, of course with the lowest price and short delivery time.

Direct quotation

The following product groups are also available online.
We can also make you a direct offer for these products.

1. Kanban flow racks.
2. Roller conveyors (non-powered).

Reseller quotation

For the following product groups we will contact you first.
After that, we will contact a reseller and have them make you an offer.

1. Order picking flow racks.
2. Flow shelves in pallet racks.

Rival quotation

You want to invest in flow racks and have already received a quotation from another source?
Then we would like to convince you of our advantages by offering you a competitive alternative.

Please contact us and send us the relevant quotation.
Preferably with a short description of your products and business process.

Low price and short deliver time

We can be swift in offering you a good, competitive quotation.
Of course with a low price and short delivery time.

We also evaluate the rival quotation on it being logical, functional and future proof.
Because not all suppliers have our knowledge of flow racks!