Flowrack as partner

Focused on the reseller

Flowrack BV has been specialized in selling through resellers for decades.
This gives you the following advantages:

1. Quick quotations.
2. Low reseller prices.
3. Short and reliable delivery times.
4. Flawless delivery using your company name.
5. Extensive support including information and advice.

Reliable and trouble-free

Unquestionably, we deliver a trouble-free quality product.
And punctual fulfilment of our agreements can be expected.

Doing business pleasantly

As “niche” product, the flow rack has a limited market share.
That is why exclusive sales and distribution agreements are useless.

Nevertheless, we maintain a close relationship with our resellers, big and small.
We think it is important to work on strong, long-term relationships, even for small volumes.

Flowrack BV is your reliable partner.