Flow rack advantages

Most of the advantages of the Flowrack flow rack give direct savings.
In your specific situation, a flow rack may have other benefits.

Examples other benefits flow rack:

1. Accommodating peak loads.
2. Appearance logistics process.
3. Ergonomic working conditions.
4. Helpful tool when implementing logistics concepts like Lean (LM), Kanban, JIT.

Reduced travel distance

The stock is placed in a row, one after the other. 1 package per product is visible. This creates a very compact “facing” and a short travel distance is created alongside all products.

Save up to 50% of the travel distance by shortening the route.

Reduced picking time

The product is always at the front of the rack, directly in arm’s reach of the order picker. Therefore the product is a quick grab and an out-of-stock situation is instantly noticed.

Reduced errors

A clear lane distribution, only one package per article is visible.
This decreases the chance of picking the wrong product.

This can save significant costs spent on quality control and on handling your returns.
Especially when your customer ends up with the wrong order.

Efficient use of space

The Flowrack flow rack is considered to be a compact storage technique.
The stock is placed in a row right behind each other in (deep) lanes.

In this way, you need less floor space compared to conventional shelving.