How it works

Web shop as catalogue

This web shop is meant to be used as a catalogue. Get acquainted with our live storage solutions or see what we have already offered you. This is an overview of the product range of “Original Flowrack” products. All made by Flowrack BV, manufacturer of flow racks and roller conveyors.

Original Flowrack

As an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) Flowrack BV not only produces “Original Flowrack” products, but also other live storage racks. The OEM products of Flowrack BV cannot be found in this web shop.


An informative brochure about flow racks and roller conveyors is available in pdf. We can also send you a printed version by post. And of course we are more than willing to answer any of your questions and comments!

Product range

Flowrackshop.com has a clear assortment of flow racks and roller conveyors. Click on a product group and go to the product page with detailed information.

  1. Flow racks for order picking
  2. Kanban live storage (mobile or stationary)
  3. Flow shelves integrated in pallet racks (retrofit)
  4. Roller conveyors (non-powered)


Some of our flow racks or roller conveyors can be bought directly online. These products can be identified by the BUY NOW logo. The entire product range is available through reliable, professional resellers. Go to where to buy.